10 things for Kalee to know

  1. imageI am sorry. I am sorry for all the times I didn’t know what I was doing. The times I literally fumbled my way through the ups and downs of being a Mum. I am sorry for anything I ever did that upset you or let you down. What I need you to understand, is that everything I did, every decision I made and every time I said ‘No’ – I did it all because I thought it was what was best for you.
  2. Take the time to enjoy the quiet. It is not a bad thing to want to be alone. Before too long the time will come when you will yearn for quiet Saturday nights on the couch. Enjoy the moments of being lost in a daydream, or a good book. Or the quiet that comes when it’s just you and your thoughts. Those times are precious.
  3. The people in your life will hurt you. You will get your heart broken. Your best friend will hurt you. You will be disappointed in the decisions others make. It is a fact of life that people come and go, whether for a reason, a season or lifetime, you will not know until after the fact. You will have no control over this, so don’t try to wrestle it into your corner. You will also learn from those broken hearts and you will be better for them. Sailing through life without any heartache, while a nice thought, is not a reality you will experience. And it is from these difficult experiences you will understand just how strong you really are.
  4. I wish you could see yourself through the eyes of those who love you. If you could, you’d know just how wonderful you are. You’d know that you don’t need anyone else to ‘complete you’. You are better than Snow White. Do not sit around waiting for Prince Charming to ride in on his horse, sweep you off your feet and make you his housewife. You have independence, you have abilities and the capability to be the master of your own ‘happily ever after’. Don’t leave that up to anyone else.
  5. No matter what you say or do to me, I will love you with every inch of my being. Before I know it, you’ll be slamming doors in my face and unleashing all your teenage angst and hormones in my direction. Probably before this stage, you would have worked out I am not really that smart, or cool. One thing you can always count on, despite all the ‘I hate yous’ I expect to be thrown my way, I will always, always be here for you. You are a part of me and when you smile, my heart sings. When you are sad, my heart aches. I will always be ready to listen, to laugh, to just sit with you and enjoy the time we have together.
  6. Make mistakes so you can learn from them. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect all the time – making mistakes is how you make things better, and how you make things distinctly yours.  It doesn’t matter what you do, who you are with or where you are, I will always worry about you. You could just be out the front of the house and I’d be worried. All this worry doesn’t mean I am going to hover over you or not let you fall and graze your knee. You need to know that all the times I seemed like I was turning the other way, I was just giving you the space to get a few bruises, so that when I’m not around anymore you’re capable of dealing with these on your own.
  7. Respect yourself. You deserve that much.
  8. Memories last a lifetime, so make them. Do stuff! Try new things, not because you want to look cool, but because they make your soul sing.
  9. The sun will always rise on a new day. John Lennon said once, “Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end”… You will face a lot of things that will seem like the worst thing ever, but eventually you will look back on all these times and what you have learned from them and smile. Things never seem so bad in hindsight. So try not to darken your heart with thoughts that things are too hard…
  10. There will never be enough time to learn everything you should know, but it is never too late to be who you want to be. Don’t settle. Make your life extraordinary.

One thought on “10 things for Kalee to know

  1. and Kalee whilst Mum has just about got things covered please know that mums and dads always do what they believe to be the best for you at a specific moment in time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right, it means that they are doing things to the best of their ability given their life experiences. Also BE TRUE to yourself. Personal integrity is the key to life. NEVER try to please everyone, it is a recipe for disaster…x

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